Collecting  Football Programs

Collecting football programs is a hobby that has been in existence as long as the game has been played.  Some of the older programs are now worth a lot of money because of their rarity.  People, mainly men it has to be said, collect programs for many reasons.  Maybe they collect football programs featuring the football team of their home town, it could be that their old college team programs are of most interest to them.  Some collect only programs relating to finals and top league matches.  Whatever the reason it is a very interesting and absorbing hobby.

Once you have decided on the theme of your collection it is then a problem to know how to start collecting your favourite football programs.  Of course there are specialist stores for football memorabilia collectors and these can be a good place to start as the football programs will be top dollar and this will give you an idea of relative values.  It will also show you the value of buying only those programs that are in top condition as they are the most valuable.  This information will enable the novice collector to look at on line stores and auctions.  On line auction sites often throw up bargains as the seller simply wants to off load his duplicate programs.  Some times a complete collection can be purchased all together for a reasonable price.

A much better way of collecting football programs or memorabilia is to actually attend the football match in person and simply buy a couple of programs from the vendors at the stadium.  By definition these will be in pristine condition but modern, in fact right up to date.

Once you have started your collection you will be concerned with keeping the programs in the best condition.  It is a good plan to use plastic envelopes to keep the programs flat and clean, another way is to use presentation folders with either fixed or loose A4 pockets.  In this way all the programs that you have from one year or concerned with one theme can be kept safely together and their covers at least can be displayed.  These presentation folders can themselves be kept in a filing cabinet.  This means that the collection can be kept together in one place.  That place should ideally be a living room in the house rather than the garage or basement which can be damp and have wide temperature variations, conditions that are far from ideal for storing printed paper.

In the course of building up your collection it is almost inevitable that you will have duplicate copies of some programs, always keep the example that is in the best condition.  The surplus programs can be used as swaps with fellow enthusiasts or can be sold off.  I find that if I can assemble a reasonable number of duplicate programs, because they are already themed they often sell better as a job lot on e-bay as someone who wants a particular program will push the price up.

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